For nearly the past 3 years, I have been working as a graphic designer at Atelier Martino & Jaña, a studio based in Porto, Portugal. I am really proud to have been a part of this amazing team and simply can't describe how much I've grown and learned during this period.
The studio's portfolio is available online at Behance where you can view some of the projects that I've been working on lately, which of course are mine just as they are everybody else's in the team. Thanks to: Alejandra Jaña, Álvaro Martino, Filipe Cerqueira, João Martino, Miguel Almeida and Oscar Maia.

Other work

Wedding Invitations, 2014

For my friends Carolina and Luís. Printed in letterpress, at We Came From Space. The prints were made using two colors, and each invitation contains a map to guide the guests into the wedding reception. With Oscar Maia.

Previous work

Alien Gateways, 2012

Android app/theme designed for Foneclay. You're in the cockpit of a spaceship from the sixties, sitting in a rotating comfy chair, drinking alien cocktails, chillin' in some exotic and friendly planet, and you may be Barbarella. The landscape visible from the window changes depending on the time of the day. Four main areas/windows. Vectorial drawing. With Mafalda Maia.

Pangrama 0:3 promo, 2011

Posters and flyers for the 3rd issue of Pangrama magazine. (Mary-go-Round).

Pangrama 0:3, 2011

3rd issue of Pangrama magazine. With Raquel Rei (Mary-go-Round).

Water Cycles, 2011

An axonometric infographic about both urban and natural water cycles. Vectorial drawing. Looped. With Mafalda Maia. Client: Indaqua.

Fátima, 2010

Video game about the apparition of Our Lady, in Fátima, Portugal, 1917. Vectorial drawings and small animations. With Luís Lucas Pereira, Mafalda Maia, Mafalda Nobre, Pedro Santa and Tiago Alves. Play Fátima.

Greenville, 2010

Infographic about the massification of electric vehicles. Based on MERGE (Mobile Energy Resources for Grids of Electricity), a project developed by INESC Porto. Vectorial drawing. Academic work. With Mafalda Maia.

Close-Up, 2010

Website and tote bag for the Close-Up 2010 Exhibition. With Márcia Novais, Rita Brito and César Augusto.

Filmesdamente, 2010

Identity created for Filmesdamente (FDM), a film production company. Logo and business cards. (Mary-go-Round). Client: Filmesdamente.

Mary-go-Round, 2010

Identity created for Mary-go-Round, a design studio started by me and 3 colleagues in 2009. Business cards and sticker logo. With Raquel Rei, Ana Simões and Catarina Correia (Mary-go-Round).

Studio, 2010

Vectorial drawing placed in the door of our former workspace. (Mary-go-Round).

Terceira Cortina, 2009

Identity created for a photography studio. Stationery. With Raquel Rei, Ana Simões and Catarina Correia (Mary-go-Round). Client: Terceira Cortina.

Pangrama 0:1 promo, 2009

Series of posters for the 1st issue of Pangrama magazine.

Orange Juice, 2008

Film about an orange. Exercise made in the swiss school Hochschule Design und Kunst, in Luzern, Switzerland. Shortlisted in the Minimotion contest.

Bazooka, 2008

Identity created for Bazooka, a guerrilla marketing company. Stationery. The business card is also a navy battle puzzle. Client: Bazooka.

Chinese Zodiac, 2006

Icons' set. Academic work.